World-class odor control.

Easy cleanup. Better for the planet.

Who says you can't have it all?

With Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat litter, you don’t have to sacrifice clumpability and odor control when you decide to go clay-free!

The secret is our special blend of corn and cassava, two natural, renewable and biodegradable crops.

100% sustainable, stops odors on contact, clumps even firmer and faster, flushable* low dust, chemical fragrance free Available in 13 and 26 lb. bags.

*Flush only 1-2 clumps at a time. Allow to soak 15 minutes prior to flushing.
Please note it is illegal to flush cat litter of any kind in California.

a clean you can see!

This litter is whiter than other plant-based brands. Which makes it easy to keep the litter box tidy and spot differences in your cat's urine.

That's ALL!

hows does your current litter compare?

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