Make a cat litter that was not only more environmentally responsible but also performed better than ordinary natural cat litters. That’s what the cat-loving creators of Sustainably Yours promised to do.

After years of experimentation with a wide array of plant-based products, the Sustainably Yours team hit upon a unique solution based on the combination of corn and cassava, two sustainable and renewable crops. Then by trial and error, they determined the ideal series of formulation and processing steps to create a cat litter that had outstanding odor control and formed exceptionally firm clumps for easy scooping.

Three eventful years later, Sustainably Yours is now available in independent pet stores throughout the United States. Helping cat owners take better care of the environment without sacrificing performance was a simple promise – one that the creators of Sustainably Yours delivered.

This incredibly effective litter is brought to you by Petfive brands. We named the company Petfive because of the “high five” we often share with our beloved pets.