Making the world a better place, one litter box at a time.

We’re committed to creating products that are positive for cats, people, and our planet. From our manufacturing process to our environmental initiatives, we work tirelessly to protect cats and their homes—because at Sustainably Yours, we truly believe doing good requires no sacrifice.

Our Philosophy

Ground-breaking litter that doesn’t require mining.

Today, 85% of cat litter is made up of non-renewable resources, like bentonite clay and silica. While these ingredients may come from the Earth, they’re often misleadingly labeled as “natural” despite being ecologically harmful. Bentonite is surface-minded through a process called back-casting, which involves removing crucial topsoil from an environment. This exposes the remaining soil to direct sunlight, killing off all life that inhabits healthy, fertile dirt. And to make matters worse, nearly ten million tons of bentonite end up in landfills each year—just from cat litter alone.

At Sustainably Yours, environmental impact is a top priority so our plant-based litter avoids harmful mineral extraction processes. Instead of creating more waste, our litter is returned back to the ground—creating a closed loop production.
Engineering our Litter

Trust the process.

Our sustainability initiatives go beyond simply sourcing plant-based ingredients. We’ve developed a manufacturing process that prioritizes both the planet and your cat’s health.

For example, instead of using fossil fuels, we use biomass to power key parts of our production process. Additionally, to meet rigorous performance and safety standards, we use monocomponent packaging with bioplastic, which improves the recyclability of our product.

To prioritize cat health, we use specially designed equipment to create smooth, round grains – this ensures that the texture of our litter is just right for your cat’s sensitive paws. We also employ proprietary machinery to remove dust during key parts of the production process. This results in a virtually dust-free product that protects cats from possible respiratory issues.

A better kingdom with every purchase.

We are dedicated to caring for cats both big and small so we’ve partnered with the Rainforest Trust, a nonprofit that has rescued over 42 million acres of threatened rainforests since 1988. Habitat destruction is the leading cause of species extinction, and the rainforest is a precious and valuable habitat for many cats. By donating a portion of every purchase to support this global conservation effort, together we are preserving critical habitats around the world and safeguarding our most vulnerable feline species.
Partner with us

Want to join our mission?

We’re always seeking new ways to grow, learn, and expand. If you’re interested in our developing veterinarian and shelter programs, or other partnership opportunities, please reach out to us!

Meet Our Cats

From shelter to spotlight.

At Sustainably Yours, we’re committed to caring for all cats and regularly partner with animal shelters. But when it came to finding feline talent for our latest campaign, we took our commitment a step further.

Working with nonprofit CatCafe Lounge in Los Angeles, we photographed adorable, adoptable cats who were still in search of their forever homes. We’re proud to highlight these cats in need as well as support the important work of organizations like CatCafe Lounge. And we’re happy to report that all cats who posed for us have now been adopted.

  • Audrey

  • Bellagio

  • Nathan

  • Florence

  • Flamingo

  • Sandwich

  • Fluff

  • Jasmine

  • Juanito

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