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Product Info

What is plant-based litter?

Plant-based litters are made up entirely of plants. While most cat litter consists of minerals, Sustainably Yours is made from cassava and corn — nothing else.

What’s the difference between the three versions?

Our three versions are exceptional for both multi-cat households and single cat homes. All are made of the same ingredients: cassava and corn. The difference between them is the size of the grains used in each formula, which impacts how they perform. Sustainably Yours Small-grain has small grains for faster clumping. Sustainably Yours Large-grain has large grains for minimal tracking. Sustainably Yours Mixed-grain offers balanced performance by combining both small and large grains.

Does it have dust?

Our proprietary process was developed exclusively to remove dust from Sustainably Yours. The result is a virtually dust-free cat litter, making it ideal for any cat or cat parent, especially those with respiratory issues.

Will my cat with sensitive paws be okay with it?

Yes! Sustainably Yours is very soft on paws, making it a perfect choice for all types of cats and in particular, kittens with litter avoidance issues.

How long does a bag last?

On average, one 13 lb bag of Sustainably Yours should last about one month per cat.

Is the litter scented?

Because cats have an ultra-sensitive smell, our product line is entirely unscented.

How does it eliminate odor?

At Sustainably Yours, we engineer our products to deliver the best that nature has to offer. Our litter naturally eliminates the distinctively unpleasant ammonia smell of cat urine by quickly encapsulating the ammonia gas present. Over time, the litter’s natural properties and second-to-none clumping eliminates moisture and consequently the bacteria that thrive on it. As a result, Sustainably Yours’ odor elimination is quick and long-lasting, leaving your kingdom free of foul smells.

Why have my cat’s clumps changed color?

Because our litter is naturally very light in color, the color you see on the clump is that of your cat’s urine. Changes in your cat’s urine color may be indicative of a urinary tract issue (for example, a red or pink clump could mean blood is present) and should be reported to your veterinarian. Also, keep an eye out for abnormally dark yellow clumps which might mean your cat is underhydrated.

Product Safety

Is cassava safe for cats?

Definitely! We use food-grade cassava, making our litter safe for cats, people, and other pets—even if occasionally ingested in small amounts.

Is this litter safe for kittens?

You bet! Our cat litter is chemical-free and virtually dust-free. For these reasons and more, many veterinarians recommend Sustainably Yours for kittens.

Is it okay if my cat ingests some litter?

Rest assured that Sustainably Yours is safe if occasionally ingested in small amounts by cats or other pet friends. Our litter is made from food-grade ingredients and although it clumps very quickly and solidly, it also breaks down in digestive systems. That said, our litter is of course not intended to be eaten and anything consumed in excess can lead to indigestion, vomiting, or other issues. If a significant amount of Sustainably Yours is ingested by your pet, we recommend that you keep a close watch and in case any signs of distress or abnormal behavior are shown, contact your veterinarian immediately.

How to use

How should I transition my cat to Sustainably Yours?

Start by placing two inches of Sustainably Yours litter in a clean box. Then add one inch of your current brand of litter. Allow your cat to freely mix the products when using the litter box. Repeat this process until your cat is comfortable with Sustainably Yours litter.

How much litter should I put in the litter box?

You should place at least three inches of litter in the box. It’s important to refill to this minimum height after every few days, ensuring your cat has enough litter to cover their business.

How do I prevent tracking?

Sustainably Yours is soft on paws, which is why some cats have a tendency to “play” with our litter. This can lead to tracking, so we created our large-grain formula specifically to ensure litter stays in the box. We also recommend using a large litter mat in front of the box, as well as using a high-sided or covered litter box and placing it in a corner.

What’s the best way to dispose of the waste?

Sustainably Yours can safely be disposed of in the trash. We no longer recommend flushing any litter down the toilet due to increasing concerns about ecosystems that may be vulnerable to the presence of cat litter with feline feces. Also, sewage treatment systems and regulations for waste disposal vary by cities and/or states, causing issues with flushability and creating confusion for cat parents in charge of cleaning the litter box.

How often should I fully clean out the litter box?

Sustainably Yours clumps so firmly that once you scoop, only fresh litter is left in the box. Consequently, you can scoop the waste only and simply refill the litter box to meet the minimum height of three inches. However, as with any litter, veterinarians recommend that you should clean the entire litter box at least once a month.

Can I use Sustainably Yours with a self cleaning litter box?

Because Sustainably Yours clumps almost instantly, we have received tons of positive praise from customers regarding the use of our litter in their self cleaning boxes.

How should I store the litter?

We recommend storing Sustainably Yours in a cool and dry place.

About Sustainability

What makes Sustainably Yours more eco-friendly than litters made from clay or silica?

Sustainably Yours is plant-based and only uses two renewable resources—corn and cassava. On the other hand, clay and silica are not renewable and oftentimes require strip mining, which impacts the soil in a way that can lead to desertification.

Is the corn used in Sustainably Yours non-GMO?

We are unable to exclusively source organic raw materials at this time. A majority of corn and cassava produced today is GMO and the portion that is non-GMO is typically reserved for human consumption, making it nearly impossible for us to deliver an entirely non-GMO cat litter at scale.

Can I recycle the packaging?

Yes, please do! Our packaging is mono-material and made of polyethylene (2/4 HDPE/LDPE), making it highly recyclable*. In addition, 51% of the packaging is produced with bio-plastic, made from sugar-cane.


Where can I find Sustainably Yours?

In North America, you can find Sustainably Yours at most major pet retailers and in thousands of independent pet stores. Check our store locator to find a location near you.

Do you have a veterinarian program?

Sustainably Yours is committed to the well-being of cats. Our litter is a favorite among many veterinarians, so we are currently developing an exclusive program for vets. If you are a veterinarian and want to learn more, sign up here.

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